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Eid Al-Ghadeer

 On the 18th of Thil hijja at Ghadeer-Khum, the Holy Prophet made his final message to complete his succession.  In Arabic the word "Ghadeer" means a pond and Khum is the name of this pond in the desert called "sahra-e-Hujfah".  It is a known tradition that all the prophets appointed their successors by Allah's will without the approval of the followers.  But the leadership became a controversy among Prophet Mohammed's followers even though he declared many time that Imam Ali was the successor.

Sayings about Eid Al-Ghadeer

- "'(Imam Ali is) My brother and successor', 'The door of the City of Knowledge', 'The most equitable Judge', 'The embodiment of Faith', (having the same position with regard to him as) 'Aaron had to Moses'"  Prophet Mohammed (P).